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Photo 2Parents Need Good Tools for Working With Their Children.

Unfortunately many of the tools parents are using overemphasize behavior modification. Heavy doses of reward and punishment weaken the internal motivation in kids. In fact, kids learn to ask the wrong questions about life such as:

What will you give me if I do what you want?
What's the least I need to do to get the reward?
Is the punishment worth it in order to do what I want?

That's because behavior modification basically says to kids, "If you do what I say, I'll give you what you want."

Photo 1Behavior Modification is Ruining the Internal Motivation in Kids.

Those parents who are successful with their children use a variety of tools. In The Family Toolbox you'll learn several practical tools that reach the heart of a child instead of relying on rewards and punishment to get through the day.


Heavy Doses of Rewards and Punishment Damage the Relationship Between Parents and Their Kids.

Photo 3Some parents think the problem is just that they have difficult kids. But if they only knew that there are some better ways to work with children, they'd be encouraged. And, if they put those tools into practice, they'd see dramatic changes.

When parents rely on behavior modification, then they develop a police officer approach with their kids, often blowing the whistle to keep their kids in line. Parents don't want that, but their approach often leads them down the wrong path.

When parents use a heart-based approach, they take on the role of counselor or coach with their kids. They're still firm. They still offer consequences at times, but they also use a host of other parenting strategies that contribute to a strong and healthy relationships.

It's hard to raise kids today. The Family Toolbox makes it just a bit easier.




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Family Toolbox
The Parenting Video Series That Reaches a Child's Heart

The Family Toolbox has 8 lessons. Each one has a 1-2 minute scene of a family living life and experiencing common challenges in their relationships. A discussion guide prompts dialogue between parents and an 8-minute teaching session featuring Dr. Scott Turansky and Joanne MIller, RN, BSN gives practical tools to use right away.

As they work through the lessons parents learn:

• How to focus on the heart instead of just behavior
• The cues you give that tell your children when you mean business
• Practical ways to remove conflict from the problems of family life
• How to end correction times with impact
• A tool for maximizing heart change in the correction process
• The value of teaching kids to accept no as an answer
• Ways to reduce anger episodes in children

The Family Toolbox is an excellent resource for PTA meetings and parent training sessions. Each lesson can be done in 20-30 minutes, but could also lead to discussion and dialogue lasting an hour or more.

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